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Haze, N95 Mask, Air Purifier and E-Commerce

June 24, 2013 CK Wong Category : , , , , ,

Where to get N95 Mask?

Haze is back with a vengeance and Singaporeans are sending distress calls to Google: "Where to get N95 Mask?"

It has become one of the hottest searches on Google Singapore and the spike started since 19 June if you refer to Google Trends.

Not only it is hard to sought after offline, the same goes to online sites where N95 Mask is sold out!

N95 Mask is sold out at online sites
N95 Mask is sold out: AllDealAsia

Back in Malaysia, an usually quiet air cleaners shop is enjoying its best sales season of the year. Just see it for yourself via the photos below taken at a shop in Petaling Jaya on 22 June.

Air cleaners shop enjoying good business

Many air purifier models are sold out and according to a staff in the shop, most of them are bought by Singaporeans. Yes, all the way from Singapore, 350km away!

How about online, what's the demand like?

According to Google Trend, "air purifier" searches spike in Malaysia since 19 June, just like the N95 Mask case in Singapore.

Air purifier search trend in Malaysia

The next question is, which local online retailers are capturing the moment?

Let's just do a Google search on "air purifier".

Who are bidding for "air purifier" on Google?

Although there a number of online marketplaces or retailers buying the keyword but it seems like a regular campaign, so neither of them mentioned anything about haze in the copy nor having a very strong call to action (CTA).

Most of the clicks link to product listing page without landing page optimization (LPO).

Just imagine if, those clicks land at a page with strong visual like how air purifier can be a hero in hazy times and save your family especially kids. With some guides to help customer make buying decision on top of good prices, conversion rates would be improved significantly.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy an online revenue spike just like both search and the air cleaners shop above, it is important to sell the right thing, at the right time, with the right way.

Marketing does not create demand, it catalyzes demand.


What say you?