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E-Commerce Job Board - get your free trial now!

September 12, 2013 EC Milo Category : , , , ,

Are you facing challenges to hire talents with e-commerce experience? Or, Are you a job seeker looking forward to an exciting career in e-commerce industry? If so, read on!

During the past few weeks, we have received a number of requests from our friends and readers asking us to help promoting their job posts. Until recently, we start working on a simple but functional job board and the good news is, we are launching it today at!

ecommerce.milo job board

The reason why we are creating this job board is to provide a dedicated job listing that focus on e-commerce industry in Malaysia, whether it is job offering by e-commerce companies, or job scope with e-commerce functionality.

If you are a job-seeker, visit our e-commerce job board right away!

If you are an employer scouting for e-commerce candidates, post a new job now to enjoy a free-trial up to 31 December 2013! Note: Just create the job post and we will get it approved as long as it is an e-commerce related job.

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Due to the fact that the traffic of ecommerce.milo is getting a little bit serious, we have decided to offer banner ad units to relevant advertisers. When we say relevant, it means that your ads offering have to be relevant to our site visitors and readers.

Check out the banner ad spots below:

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