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5 hiring tips for your e-commerce startup

June 11, 2014 CK Wong Category : , , , ,

Recruiting e-commerce talents

E-commerce talents were scarce here a few years ago during when as business owner or hiring manager, it was challenging to hire talents in e-commerce industry.

Contributed by the entrance of foreign e-commerce companies that hire loads of people, the supply of talents is increasing and e-commerce is suddenly becoming a cool industry to be involved in.

Even with the increase of e-commerce talents (or at least experienced personnel), that does not mean that it is becoming easy for e-commerce startups to hire.

As an e-commerce startup, what does it take to attract talents to join your team instead of bigger companies who can generally offer better package?

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Hiring tips #1: Understand the job, do it yourself first

Before you start hiring, you need to find out which area of your business requires additional manpower.

As an entrepreneur, you are basically doing everything by your own from the start. It is a good way to understand every area of the business and find out which area you are good at, or should really focus on.

You should neither be doing everything by yourself forever, nor good in every area. That is where you need to hire talent while you focus on identifying opportunities and growing the business.

Hiring tips #2: Sell your startup, sell the job

How do you attract talents to join your startup instead of bigger companies who can probably offer better package?

Of course, you can write a kick-ass job description which sells the startup and the job. However, will it be enough?

Kickass job description

Talents usually look for "cool" startup so it will be great if you regularly promote your startup via events or media. It is even better if you establish yourself as thought leader via interviews, conferences, writings, contributions etc.

Hiring tips #3: Use your network 

As a business owner, it is always advantageous to grow your network in the industry.

Besides meeting people for business opportunities, you might also want to spare your time communicating with young talents to understand more about them, and you might need them to be on board in the future.

Another effective way is to recruit people who you have worked with, be it ex-colleagues, business partners, clients or vendors.

Hiring tips #4: Hire people with startup mentality

E-commerce might sounds like a cool industry but it is not easy at all.

Don't believe? Ask Christy Ng, the successful online shoepreneur, who suggests that e-commerce has to be the hardest job in the world.

E-commerce has to be the hardest job in the world

Since it is tough, you as a startup should hire doer who get things done instead of talker. Get some one who believe into your business goals, and grow together towards achieving the goals.

Hiring tips #5: Give trial task

After identifying the candidates, how do you know whether he or she is doer rather than talker?

You might want to consider giving trial task, especially those who you have never worked with before.

You can also consider giving him or her a short-term job (that solves your existing problem) before making hiring decision.


What say you?