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Dear merchants, you wouldn't want to miss #MYCyberSALE

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Invitation to participate in #MYCyberSALE

We have reported earlier on how Maybank2u crashed's Black Friday party, cyber sale organized by individual e-tailers like Alibaba, Lazada, Rakuten and Thailand Online Mega Sale (read Cyber Monday in Southeast Asia & China).

Here we are getting excited on our very first nationwide online sale, #MYCyberSALE - a 3 days campaign from 29 September to 1 October 2014.

If you are a merchant, read on to find out how you can participate in the biggest ever online sale in Malaysia.

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Cyber Sale or Cyber Monday around the world

A little background of the initiative, which is inspired by cyber sale being held in United States (better known as Cyber Monday), China, India and countries closer to us especially Thailand.

No doubt, the total transaction value of cyber sale reported in US and China were crazy. A much more relevant reference would be Thailand Online Mega Sale, which generated about USD 15.7 million in 2013.

Cyber Sale around the world

#MYCyberSALE - Malaysia's first nationwide online sale

The online sale campaigns conducted by our neighboring countries, and also those conducted by local online marketplaces have certainly caught the attention of our government.

Our Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, was quoted below during the 9th Digital Malaysia Sterling Committee (8 April 2014):

eCommerce is a key component of the digital economy. Its significance has also been recognized as one of the key ICT sub-sectors in the Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap. This is a good initiative that will bring leading retailers and customers together under one roof and will further boost the adoption of eCommerce in Malaysia. We are confident that this event will be able to further popularize online shopping as a convenient and exciting experience.

The main target of RM 50 million total online sales over 3 days campaign is quite close to the one achieved by Thailand Online Mega Sale in 2013 (in 8 days campaign though).

Objectives, targets & KPIs of #MYCyberSale

This initiative will certainly stimulate the growth of e-commerce in Malaysia, encouraging more local consumers to shop online.

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Of course, it will be crucial to get participation of players from the e-commerce ecosystem, including initiative partners and participating e-tailers: e-marketplace, individual e-tailer (merchant), e-voucher sites.

#MYCyberSALE ecosystem - industry collaboration

How to participate in #MYCyberSALE as a merchant?

If you are a merchant, don't miss out this opportunity by participating in the nationwide online sale. These are the contributions expected from you as an e-tailer:

• To provide significant discount, attractive shipping offers or exclusive products.
• To participate in an joint marketing effort to your subscribers, mailing list and social media channels.
• To provide performance reporting on total transaction value and number of shoppers during #MYCyberSALE.

These criteria are to ensure the credibility of participating e-tailers:

• Must registered under Business Act 1956 or Company Act 1965;
• Not the subject of a winding up order;
• Must have a website or a microsite within an e-marketplace (sole presence on social media sites and blogs without online payment facilities are invalid);
• Have a recognised payment gateway;
• Adopt good e-commerce practices on the website, such as:
(a) Clear Terms & Conditions regarding shipping, cancellation / return / refund policy
(b) Implement the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 under the Privacy Policy
(c) Disclose the company information
(d) Has customer service / support contact information
• Adhere to the relevant regulations in Malaysia; and
• Must provide the Transaction Value (in RM) and Number of Customers for the sale duration (MDeC to provide reporting format).

You are invited to register as an e-tailer in #MYCyberSALE, by referring to the approval process as shown below before you proceed with downloading the form available at the end of this post.

#MYCyberSALE approval process for etailers

How to apply to become a merchant for #MYCyberSALE?

  1. Download e-tailer application form.
  2. Check the criteria, document requirements, and fill up the form.
  3. Submit the form to latest by 18 August 2014.

Download #MYCyberSALE e-tailer application form


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