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8 tips to negotiate with Chinese suppliers

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Negatiations tips with China suppliers

From the processor in the computer you're viewing this on, to the screen on your smartphone, or even the shoes you have on right now; a large proportion of everything we know and love today seems to have its manufacturing roots from one giant of an economic beast - China.

Despite the emergence of alternative low-cost manufacturing centres recently such as Vietnam and Indonesia, China's manufacturing output continues to outpace the rest of the world - with growth in July 2014 alone setting a record over the past two years.

It's thus no surprise that regardless of what industry your eCommerce business is focused in, that China would be a major hinterland of affordable manufacturing goodness, and would probably make up a large percentage of your suppliers for some time to come.

And while businesses from elsewhere across the region might like to think they have a slightly better appreciation of the regional cultural business contexts than say, Westerners for example - the truth is that Chinese business etiquette is often a completely different ballgame of its own, which many budding business owners have often failed at.

Doing business with the Chinese is typically more an art than a craft - and here's 8 ways to ensure your negotiations with Chinese suppliers will go smoothly in a nifty infographic, to ensure the success of your eCommerce business in the long run.

You can also view full infographic here.

8 tips to negotiate with China suppliers infographic

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