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Top 10 eCommerce sites by big retailers in Malaysia

March 25, 2015 CK Wong Category : , , , , , ,

Offline retailers going online (eCommerce)

In the previous installment, we have sampled top local retail brands in each category and found out that more than 50% of them have already setup online store.

However, setting up e-commerce website is just the first step, growing the e-commerce business itself is another matter altogether.

Retailers even they are already sizable in offline, need to commit resources (people, infrastructure, investment) in order to do well in the online business.

One of the indicators is to investigate their website traffic, visitors behavior (time on-site, page views, bounce rate) and whether they are executing paid advertising (search, display).

Here, we rank the top 10 e-commerce websites by leading retailers in Malaysia, by monthly website visits.

#1. Senheng

Senheng online store

Monthly visits: 304,400 (verified data)
Time on-site: 3:32
Page views: 4.81
Bounce rate: 36.39%
Paid search: Yes
Display ads: Yes

#2. Tesco

Tesco online store

Estimated monthly visits: 200,000
Time on-site: 9:44
Page views: 13.71
Bounce rate: 23.99%
Paid search: Yes
Display ads: Yes

#3. MPH

MPH online store

Estimated monthly visits: 170,000
Time on-site: 4:47
Page views: 5.46
Bounce rate: 41.19%
Paid search: Yes
Display ads: Yes

#4. Watsons

Watsons online store

Estimated monthly visits: 100,000
Time on-site: 8:23
Page views: 7.53
Bounce rate: 26.96%
Paid search: No
Display ads: No

#5. Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman online store

Estimated monthly visits: 75,000
Time on-site: 3:46
Page views: 4.60
Bounce rate: 28.37%
Paid search: No
Display ads: No

#6. Parkson

Parkson online store

Estimated monthly visits: 65,000
Time on-site: 4:16
Page views: 6.38
Bounce rate: 37.51%
Paid search: No
Display ads: No

#7. The Body Shop

The Body Shop online store

Estimated monthly visits: 60,000
Time on-site: 6:45
Page views: 6.67
Bounce rate: 25.20%
Paid search: No
Display ads: No

#8. Al Ikhsan Sports

Al Ikhsan online store

Estimated monthly visits: 60,000
Time on-site: 5:37
Page views: 4.50
Bounce rate: 23.97%
Paid search: No
Display ads: No

#9. Guardian

Guardian online store

Estimated monthly visits: 50,000
Time on-site: 7:08
Page views: 6.03
Bounce rate: 28.02%
Paid search: Yes
Display ads: Yes

#10. online store

Estimated monthly visits: 19,300
Time on-site: 3:30
Page views: 4.94
Bounce rate: 39.69%
Paid search: -
Display ads: -

• Metrics above are obtained from SimilarWeb on 22 Mac 2015.
• Courts website is under construction at the time of writing.
• Sasa, Ace Hardware are excluded due to their global site.

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Senheng is the most eCommerce-savvy retailer in Malaysia

Yes, Senheng online store has the most monthly visits at the moment, among all leading retailer brands. They have also setup e-commerce website for another brand of theirs - senQ, which enjoys more than 50,000 monthly visits (can be easily slotted into position #9 above).

In terms of most time spent on-site, Tesco, Watsons and Guardian are the leading sites mainly due to the sizable products range available on the webstores.

Besides the top 3 retailers in each category, there might be other brick and mortar businesses which could have slotted into the top 10 list above.

There is no coincidence that the top 3 most visited e-commerce websites above (Senheng, Tesco, MPH) are engaging paid search and display ads to grow their online business.

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