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5 kiasu marketing tips for e-commerce business

July 29, 2015 CK Wong Category : , , , , , , , ,

For those who are not Singaporean or Malaysian, you might wonder what does kiasu mean. You can check Wikipedia definition or in short, it is a Hokkien word that means an attitude of very anxious not to miss out on an opportunity.

Visual below explains the full philosophy of kiasu:

Kiasu philosophy

Or simply, the girl below is showing sign of kiasu-ness:

Kiasu girl

So as an e-commerce business, how to attract, or stimulate the kiasu-ness of online shoppers like the girl above?

Here, we summarize 5 tips for you to consider in your marketing approach.

#1. Price comparison

Pricing is always one of the critical factors for online shopping, especially if you are reseller of common or mainstream products.

If you are bold enough, you can consider displaying price comparison against your competitors.

Example of grocery price comparison

Kiasu shoppers will always compare price before placing order.

#2. Daebak deal

Daebak is a Korean word which means something impressive, awesome or spectacular.

Daebak can be applied to e-commerce by offering promotions like loss-leader deal, for example offering something at RM1, with limited stocks and time allocated.

Daebak deal by

Kiasu shoppers wouldn't want to miss out daebak deals.

#3. Groupon style 

One of the main reasons why deal sites led by Groupon was a huge success is due to its capability to unlock the kiasu-ness of online shoppers.

Deals offered are often available for short period only with great discount, with quantity sold counter shown to tempt and convince shoppers.

Deal by Groupon

Kiasu shoppers will easily fall into the trap to buy things that they don't really need.

#4. Quantity sold counter

While quantity sold counter shown in deal sites could potentially stimulate impulse buying, you can consider implement similar counter on your website to help shoppers make buying decision.

That's provided you sell a lot lah of your key products. Just refer to the example below, most shoppers can quickly decide which one to buy without comparing or going into the details on the product specification.

Quantity sold counter

Some kiasu shoppers don't read into details so this is a good 'trap' to have.

#5. Limited coupon download

As per elaborated in 3 formula of successful coupon strategy, you can explore implementing the elements of kiasu-ness in your coupon strategy.

For example, coupon campaign like below offer limited quantity of coupons by tier, and encourage shoppers to visit the website on specific day / time to download the coupon.

Limited coupons download by 11street

Even some kiasu shoppers just download the coupon from you without buying but they will just keep coming back to your website contributing to your traffic.

In summary, comparison + daebak + limited-time + counter + great discount is a good combination to attract and convert the kiasu shoppers.

'Kiasu philosophy' image credit: Paul4innovating


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