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Leading online store for Beauty, Electronics, Book, Grocery, Sports, Automotive, Florist, Office

December 16, 2015 CK Wong Category : , , , , , , , , , ,

This is the sixth and final installment of our top online shopping sites in Malaysia series, shortlisting leading online shopping sites by various categories in Malaysia.

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Here we summarize our key methodologies in shortlisting top shopping sites:
• Online shopping sites with focus on Malaysia (global sites excluded)
• Online shopping sites with majority of visitors from Malaysia
• Ranked by visits to the website using SimilarWeb (desktop only, Nov 2015)

#1 in Health & Beauty:

Visits: 300,000
Time on Site: 08:24
Page Views: 6.75
Bounce Rate: 31.27%

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#1 in Electronics:

Visits: 50,000
Time on Site: 03:22
Page Views: 3.26
Bounce Rate: 37.23%

#1 in Book & Media:

Visits: 35,000
Time on Site: 17:53
Page Views: 12.48
Bounce Rate: 27.99%

#1 in Grocery:

Visits: 140,000
Time on Site: 09:57
Page Views: 14.46
Bounce Rate: 22.67%

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#1 in Sports:

Visits: 95,000
Time on Site: 09:44
Page Views: 12.65
Bounce Rate: 13.33%

#1 in Automotive:

Visits: 15,000
Time on Site: 04:07
Page Views: 4.81
Bounce Rate: 44.70%

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#1 in Florist:

Visits: 10,000
Time on Site: 25:51
Page Views: 49.67
Bounce Rate: 7.64%

#1 in Office:

Visits: 30,000
Time on Site: 03:43
Page Views: 3.76
Bounce Rate: 56.14%

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Hermo & Tesco is the clear leader in Beauty & Grocery

First of all, there are not many prominent leaders in each category listed above hence we lump all of them here in this article. Again, we are talking about the own-branded online stores here, excluding those selling in e-marketplaces.

Brand owners like Sony and Adidas have done pretty well with their e-shops and they are market leaders (at least in traffic) in their respective category.

Comparing to other categories here, Hermo is the clear leader in Health & Beauty category, the same goes to Tesco in Grocery online shopping. Coincidentally, both of them enjoy more than 100,000 monthly visits.

Last but not least, hats off to all business owners or stakeholders (including those not featured in this series) who put in tremendous effort in their own-branded stores. Building your own brand and customer base is way more challenging (but potentially more sustainable, rewarding) than just pure-selling in e-marketplaces.


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