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Top 10 online travel booking sites in Malaysia

December 09, 2015 CK Wong Category : , , , , , , , , , , , ,

This is the fifth installment of our top online shopping sites in Malaysia series, shortlisting top 10 online travel booking sites in Malaysia.

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Here we summarize our key methodologies in shortlisting travel sites:
• Online travel booking sites with focus on Malaysia (global sites excluded)
• Online travel booking sites with majority of visitors from Malaysia
• Sites with online payment enabled (pure aggregator, content sites excluded)
• Ranked by visits to the website using SimilarWeb (desktop only, Oct 2015)


Visits: 13,200,000
Time on Site: 10:20
Page Views: 8.52
Bounce Rate: 23.25%

Note:, rank #2, #3 respectively but majority of their visitors are coming from other countries so they are excluded from this list together with other sites with global traffic.


Visits: 1,800,000
Time on Site: 07:21
Page Views: 6.03
Bounce Rate: 22.48%


Visits: 1,200,000
Time on Site: 05:17
Page Views: 4.15
Bounce Rate: 49.54%


Visits: 820,000
Time on Site: 09:57
Page Views: 7.79
Bounce Rate: 18.77%


Visits: 400,000
Time on Site: 07:35
Page Views: 5.81
Bounce Rate: 23.26%


Visits: 260,000
Time on Site: 14:42
Page Views: 5.95
Bounce Rate: 35.62%


Visits: 220,000
Time on Site: 07:12
Page Views: 7.73
Bounce Rate: 29,90%


Visits: 160,000
Time on Site: 07:24
Page Views: 7.24
Bounce Rate: 29.48%


Visits: 130,000
Time on Site: 06:13
Page Views: 7.81
Bounce Rate: 33.22%


Visits: 50,000
Time on Site: 11:08
Page Views: 8.97
Bounce Rate: 14.46%

AirAsia is a truly global company

AirAsia's global (or at least regional) reach is proven here too, as only 32.25% of its website visits are originated from Malaysia, the rest are all from other countries.

We are seeing similar trend with TuneHotels, another business associated with Tony Fernandes, with only 34.39% visits from Malaysia. All the other players in this top 10 lists have more than 50% of website visits originated from Malaysia.

Visit analysis on top 10 online travel sites in Malaysia

Interestingly, AirAsia enjoys more traffic than Lazada Malaysia at 13,200,000 vs 9,200,000, with lower bounce rate too.

The average visits of top 10 travel booking sites is very close to the average of top 10 multi-category e-marketplace sites, and it is 10 times more than the fashion sites, 100 times more than kids & baby sites just to give you a perspective.

Together with multi-category e-marketplaces, travel is no doubt the big segment contributing to the online transaction volume in Malaysia.


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